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For sponsorship or media inquiries, email me at kristinamakesvideos@gmail.com.

If you’d just like to say hello, please leave a note in my ask box on Tumblr or write on my Facebook wall!

Want to send me something? You can! I have a PO Box:

Kristina Horner
P.O. Box 95894
Seattle, WA 98145

Kristina Horner is a self-employed graduate who now spends her time video-making, writing, and doing web-related projects while based in the beautiful, rainy corner of the country known as Seattle. She is best known online as the YouTube user italktosnakes, with a channel she’s been running for over 6 years that’s viewed by over 120,000 subscribers. Her channel is a bit of a variety show, but she tends to post recommendation videos, commentary on the geek community, silly “fun facts” videos, chronicles of her travels and regular old vlogs. She is also the creator of a popular collaborative daily vlogging channel called fiveawesomegirls that ran from 2008-2010.

Ever the busybody, Kristina is one of those people who’s always juggling a million projects. Beyond her personal YouTube channel, she’s also as a producer, writer and actor in the dystopian/comedy web series Job Hunters. Job Hunters has amassed over 16,000 subscribers and 400,000 total views. The crew is made up almost entirely of twenty-somethings from Seattle.

In addition, Kristina is a large part of the geek/gaming community and has recently starting a YouTube channel dedicated to game commentary across the digital and tabletop platforms called Team Hypercube. She and her two friends Justin and Joe post gameplay footage of multiplayer video games as well as popular board games four times a week. Among these some fan favorites have been Dokapon Kingdom, Mario Brothers U, Evil Baby Orphanage and Last Night On Earth. She also dabbles in game development, and recently launched a successful Kickstarter for her card game, “Jetpack Unicorn”. The game will be sold in stores and on DFTBA.com soon.

Her most recent endeavor is a collaborative beauty channel she shares with many of the other female creators from Job Hunters. Kristina and five other women get together once a month, doing fun geek inspired costume makeup looks on each other for a YouTube channel called OneUpMakeup. They’ve  been posting weekly videos together on this channel since fall of 2012.

Kristina participates in a handful of online events each year of note. NaNoWriMo is an annual writing sprint in which participants attempt to write 50,000 words of a novel in 30 days (Kristina has succeeded seven years in a row). Extra Life is a 24 hour gaming marathon to raise money for the Children’s Miracle Network. In 2012 Kristina hosted a 24 hour live show with her friends that raised nearly $3,000. Last, the Project 4 Awesome is a YouTube based charity event in which thousands of vloggers pick a charity and speak about it all on the same day. Kristina has participated in the P4A live show every year since 2007.

Kristina spends a lot of her time going to nerd-related conventions (LeakyCon and VidCon being among her favorite), speaking out about women’s issues, doing philanthropic work with various charity organizations, and being a full time fan of Harry Potter. Her favorite TV shows are Parks and Rec, The Walking Dead, Being Human, Adventure Time, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, Battlestar Galactica, Firefly, Gravity Falls, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Community. Her favorite games are 7 Wonders, Betrayal at House on the Hill, Red Dragon Inn and Last Night on Earth. She enjoys a healthy mix of geeking out and shopping, and decided at the last minute to throw eating in there too, because food.

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